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May 1, 2012
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Authors note
Welcome one and all to another fanfiction by 1ForSorrow2ForJoy. I ask that you please take the time to read the artists comments either before going ahead or after reading, and I would appreciate any feedback you can spare.
The first Chapter is just an intro to set the scene, I'm sorry for the lack of 'flair' and 'surprise'

We Flock Together.
Chapter 1; Welcome to Earth

"Guys, have you seen the news?!" Jack and Arcee had just sped into the Autobots secret base located outside of Jasper, Nevada, Jack jumped off Arcee and removed his helmet, attempting to catch his breath before he continued speaking.
"Who watches the news?" Miko said with a vacant expression as she sat back casually on the second level of the base, flicking through channels on their small television set.
Ratchet watched as Jack ran up to the bases second level and snatched the remote from Miko, desperately flicking through to find the news.
"What's going on?" Ratchet shrugged as Arcee transformed and watched Jack with concern.
"Something's landed on Earth, and it's done it with a bang," Arcee replied, making Ratchet also glue his optics onto the small screen.
"Martians!?" Miko jumped up hurriedly and knelt closer to the screen.
"Cybertronian?" Ratchet questioned, sparing a glace to look at Arcees expression,
"Can't be sure, not seen anything myself yet, Jack only mentioned it when I picked him up today."

Jack found the local news channel that showed the female reporter sat at her desk, although her professional appearance was compromised by the shocked expression on her features and she was clearly trying to not stutter her words.
"Quiet guys!" Jack called back to Arcee and Ratchet as he leaned in closer to the television set,
"…you can imagine the horror that stuck the city of Hamburg in Germany when it's residents were awoken in the early hours to an earthquake like magnitude. Startled and curious, some residents on the outskirts of the city left the safety of their homes to investigate and what they found can only be described as extra-terrestrial in its origin. Reports indicate that there was a trail that appeared to travel a distance of 10 miles and at the end of its tracks sat a smoking pod-like structure…" the news reporter stopped and pressed onto her ear, nodding silently before speaking again, "we have just now received footage of the incident, what you should be seeing on your screen in a few moments is actual footage taken from a European news station helicopter that flew over the city of Hamburg in response to the incident earlier this morning…" her voice was cut out by the recording being played before them.
"Woah," Miko gasped as she saw the birds-eye view of the trail that made its way through the city, the camera was moving along the tracks, at its edges you could see crumbled buildings and still smoking embers left. It looked as though a giant snake had slithered effortlessly through the city and left a trail of destruction in its path,
Raf appeared at the top of the stairs and saw Jack, Miko, Ratchet and Arcee all leaning into the set,
"What's going on?" Raf asked innocently as Bumblebee transformed and stood behind Arcee and Ratchet, watching the television with a baffled expression,
"Shh!" Jack and Miko both hissed in union as the news reporter began to speak over the footage,
"What we are looking at here is the damage left by the impact of the… well we're not sure what to call it yet but soon we will be seeing the object as the camera pans over, I think we get a close up of.. Oh there it is… what is that?" the news reporter was silenced as the footage got a close up view of what appeared to resemble a giant patchwork metallic egg.
Ratchet, Bumblebee and Arcee all gasped, "it can't be," Ratchet whispered,
"It's Cybertronian?" Raf asked as he, Miko and Jack all turned to face the stunned Autobots,
"Where's Optimus?"  Ratchet asked immediately, his worry was then replaced with a feeling of anger as he looked onto the screen again to see the lifeless ball of metal lie there as it attracted further unwanted human attention. "Optimus, we need you back at base," Ratchet opened up a comm link to the Autobots leader and waited eagerly for a response, while waiting however, a call was coming through to the Autobots screen,
"Have all of you out there seen the latest broadcast?" came the aggravated voice everyone was accustom to from special Agent William Fowler, his face flickered on the screen, "where's Optimus?"
"You were right to contact us, Agent Fowler," Ratchet said in his attempt at a reassuring voice, "the object is Cybertronan, can we stop the broadcast?"
"Stop it!?" Fowler spat in disbelief and his frown deepened, "it's coming from Europe!" Fowler took the time for a deep inhale and tried to assess the situation mentally, "which of the 'cons decided to take a holiday this time? Where is Optimus!?"
Each time agent Fowler asked for the location of the Autobot leader his voice became louder and more persistent, Ratchet was having an internal battle with his processor, trying to come up with a solution, but his thoughts were interrupted by a familiar and reassuring voice behind him,
"Agent Fowler," Optimus began speaking as soon as he arrived and approached the screen, "we need to stop that broadcast and get the object out of harm's way, then we can assess if it is a threat,"
"You mean to say you can't tell me now weather or not that thing is either going to blow up our planet, or if it's come here to see the sights?" Fowler shook his head again as he turned away from the screen with a snort of disbelief,
"What is it?" Jack asked calmly as he approached Optimus,
"It's a stasis pod," Ratchet answered,
"So whoever it is, they're asleep?" Fowler called again into the screen, "any telling when its alarm clock will be going off?"
Optimus frowned at the sarcastic and patronising tone of Fowlers voice,
"It won't be waking up, it appears to need activating," Ratchet said his thoughts aloud when he looked back to the broadcast where the screen was showing a still image of the stasis pod,
"What's a stasis pod?" Raf asked, although he feared that would only raise more questions,
"Everyone remain calm, the Decepticons have no access to Earths broadcasts, chances are they don't even know it's here," Optimus spoke mostly to agent Fowler, but then he turned his attention to Ratchet, "that is if we are sure it's inactive,"
"Positive, Optimus, I don't know of any seeker crazy enough to attempt a blind landing unless it was absolutely necessary, if whoever it is has been travelling for a long time, chances are their energon levels are depleted, meaning if they came out of stasis before being activated, their spark wouldn't survive long,"
There was a moment of silence,
"This requires some explaining before we can think of a solution," Optimus  looked on at all the vacant expression surrounding him from the Autobots and their human companions, but the silence was broken when Bulkhead drove himself into the base, he transformed and looked blankly at the array of stunned expressions,
"What I miss?" he asked with a shrug, wondering if the stares were aimed at his arrival. The only sound to be heard was the awkward shuffling of the children, followed by the muffled sounds of the television in the background that was now showing commercials.
"Come to the base, agent Fowler and we will find a solution," Optimus' brow furrowed, he only hoped that a solution would come to him in the time he was waiting for Agent Fowler to arrive.

"A stasis pod," Ratchet began as he scanned the mixed emotions being displayed from those sat around him, Miko was excited, Jack was stern and Raf looked genuinely confused, an expression he wasn't used to seeing on the youngest of their human companions. Agent Fowler, was of course, angry, this came as no surprise, "it is comprised of a shell that can be formed by certain Cybertronians, mostly seekers or specially engineered scouts and even insecticons,"
"So this thing could be another insecticon?" Jack interrupted, knowing about the Decepticons newly appointed army that had been unearthed by Airachnid, luckily she had been sent into stasis and was now being held as a kind of prisoner at the Autobot base. Jack looked over to her lifeless facial features and studied the pod, thinking back to what he had witnessed on the television earlier, "but this one looks different," he trailed off into his thoughts,
"This particular stasis pod belongs to a seeker," Ratchet announced, "seekers are well known for their energon conservation biology, they have many means of making a little go a long way, a stasis pod is a last resort if they ever travel long distances," Ratchet scanned the expressions again, looking for any signs of someone not following his explanation, "the components of the pod are formed from the armour residing beneath the surface of their body, like so," Ratchet put up a generic diagram of a seeker on the screen, everyone watched as the blueprints showed the seeker first going into a foetal position as the armour was expelled from the back, forming the egg-like shield around it, "I give you, the stasis pod," Ratchet finished his brief lecture, he then waited for feedback from his audience,
"Thank you for the biology lesson, doc, but what in God's name are we gonna do?" Fowler waved his arms above his head dramatically,
"I believe I know what needs to be done," Optimus stepped forward and all eyes and optics were on him, "but it's up to you to make it possible," Optimus gazed into Agent Fowlers eyes and watched as he scowled,
"Tell me and I will make it happen," Agent Fowler immediately got his phone out and was ready to dial, knowing what Optimus was about to ask.

Moments later William Fowler emerged from the corridor and was shoving his phone back into his pocket, "well Europe is being very secretive about their new find, but the assumption is that it's going to be moved to a University Research centre in Berlin, they're going to call in their top research experts to perform diagnostics," Fowler rolled his eyes and snarled,
"You're thinking that we're not going to be able to recover it?" Optimus asked, looking worried, noticing Fowlers clearly aggravated appearance.
"No, I'm wondering why Europe think they're capable of figuring this out when they haven't even got to the moon yet, but don't worry, we can get it," he then gave a smug grin as he got his phone out to make yet another call.

"A distress signal…" Knockout murmured to himself, he then sighed, what use was a thrill if he didn't have a partner to take it up with. The loss of Breakdown had been the start of a tremendous downfall in his motivation as a Decepticon, finding it hard to focus of tasks that kept him indoors and even harder to accept missions outside of the confides of the Nemesis, he was about to pass the tip onto someone else when he noticed something, there was no match to either Autobot or Decepticon.
"What Cybertronian wouldn't care which side got to them first?" Knockout whispered to himself, a habit he had become accustom to, "hmm," his brow furrowed as he tried to find another connection to the distress signal, it was coming from a fair distance away so it couldn't have been one of their usual scouting team, he doesn't know why, but he decided to not patch this one through to Megatron, the location of the signal appeared to be moving, he would wait again for it to stop and then maybe he could find the time to motivate himself long enough to do some field work…
We Flock Together, Chapter 1; Welcome to earth.

This chapter is fairly self explanatory, it's just an intro to set the scene, sorry it's so long, I wanted to get the intro done in one chapter rather than dragging it on for two.
If this is the first you're hearing of this fanfiction, you can read the information in the promo poster, here:

You can use the info in the poster description to decide weather or not it's your sort of thing.

The Artwork and writing
The picture of Knockout is supposed to be an illustration of a scene in this chapter, I will be doing a separate illustration for each chapter, but from now on it will be uploaded seperately to the text, I know it's a lot of work but I'm putting a lot of work into the plot of this one, I'm hoping you're all going to find it an exciting read.
The text on the board behind KO is just a generic symbol text from Photoshop, so no hidden message lol ^_^
Please leave your comments along the way and let me know what you're thinking so far :3

Chapter 2: [link]
Title page:
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theneopetmaster Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
"Thank you for the biology lesson, doc, but what in God's name are we gonna do?" and "Martians!?" made me laugh.
The dialogue is very in character especially "I give you, the stasis pod," it reminded me of the watch a master at work line.

I also liked how you included the news report.
This is a very good intro for your OC.
1ForSorrow2ForJoy Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyou so much for your in-depth comments! :D I'm really pleased that you think I got the characters right and found this scene as humerus as I did XD
Thanks again :) I hope you enjoy the rest :3 x
theneopetmaster Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome, your story is so good you deserve it.

I'm sure I will, I have 9 more chapters to enjoy :)
1ForSorrow2ForJoy Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! :D
Starlight1990 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
nice chapter and Agent Fowler has nice attitude lol
1ForSorrow2ForJoy Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankyou! XD I love Fowlers bad attitude XD haha
Starlight1990 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
your welcome ^^

Heroic--Villian Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
This was a great interdiction to your new fanfiction! I absolutely love that you put a lot of description into this chapter. I wonder who will be in the statis pod.
1ForSorrow2ForJoy Featured By Owner May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know youve read the second chapter so that question has been answered XD haha
Thanks for reading :3 Im glad you like the long descriptions ^^
Sakiko21 Featured By Owner May 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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